ruumi UK & Ireland - VM0042

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estimated carbon credits

2 yrs, 10 mnth till verification

Total area - 1184ha
Area with improved grass mix - 910ha
SOC increase - 7031t CO2e
Fertiliser reduction - 213t CO2e

Ruumi carbon farmers & farms

rotational grazing illustration

Rotational grazing

Ruumi simplifies rotational grazing for the farmers. Animal herds graze one portion of the field, while allowing the others to recover.

The more the animals move, the more the grass can recover, roots can grow and soil can improve. That means farmers can feed more animals on grass alone, which is more sustainable.

To get the grass to grow, well-timed animal moves are critical. The length of time a field is grazed will depend on the number of animals, on the size of the field and on the amount of dry matter available on the field.

Ruumi's free-to-use grazing app helps farmers to plan animal moves with confidence and monitor grass growth via satellite. It also captures data sets which allow us to create carbon credit certificates of the highest possible quality.


Selling carbon credits is not the only advantage of participating in ruumi carbon program. Farmers can invest the revenue in realising additional benefits for both the farmer and local ecosystems, including higher yields, freedom from dependence on expensive fertilisers, more biodiversity, and healthier animals.

Ruumi provides each carbon farmer with the precise implementation plan that includes the following co-benefits:

  • Improved ecosystem bio-diversity, e.g. by establishing and maintaining the sward of grasses, legumes, herbs and wildflowers
  • Soil health improvements (as assessed by chemical indicators such as pH, minor nutrients, macronutrients, etc)
  • Improved manure disposal processes
  • Fertiliser usage reduction
  • Animal welfare